Thinking about God…

…should start with living your life, within uncertainty and doubt, raveling as it is.

Religion constantly lures you away from that into an imaginary realm where everything fits and feels comfortable, or at least suggests to be, under the condition that you are willing to sacrifice enough if not the best of yourself.

Belief then -not in the form of thoughts or dogma’s but as messianic (christian) act- is similar to the escape from religion, and its wholeness, into life on earth as it really occurs. While that’s a rejection of imaginary “emptiness” this escape from religion leads to freedom actually. Religionless Christianity opens the possibility of loving one another -living together and with robust solidarity, agapè- not longer beside or above buth within reality.

As far as the church functions as the main crutch for religion it seems to make sense that such a church would be set on fire (see: Pyrotheology).